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The following five tables will help you get started on generating a crypt from scratch. If anything, they will help you get a jumpstart on visualizing the environment of the crypt so that you may better describe it to your players!

d12The crypt entrance is...
1Beneath a massive monument
2In the side of a rocky cliff face
3A heavy wooden door framed in stone
4A large pair of locked metal brass door
5A simple wooden door framed in stone
6A massive stone slab that moves to the side
7A heavy stone door set in a stone frame
8Behind a roaring waterfall
9A yawning open, no door what-so-ever
10A curtain of moss
11A single thick iron door that is locked
12A trapdoor at the base of a large statue
d12The crypt has a...
1Metallic smell
2Putrid, rotting smell
3Urine smell
4Smoky smell
5Chlorine smell
6Acrid Smell
7Dank, moldy smell
8Manure smell
9Earthy smell
10Decaying flesh smell
11Sulphurous smell
12Rotting vegetation smell
d20Who is buried here?
1A famous architect
2An elven princess
3The leader of a local thieves’ guild
4An ancient queen
5An ancient high priest
6A powerful sorcerer
7A beloved high priestess
8A dwarven war hero
9A wealthy merchant
10A mighty warrior, slain in battle
11A long forgotten king
12The child/mother/father of a wealthy ruler
13A member of a noble house
14A famous bard
15A member of a famous adventuring party
16A beloved stage actor
17A fabled blacksmith from long ago
18A famous guildleader
19A barbarian king
20A local folk hero
d6The crypt’s interior walls are...
1Rough hewn stone
2Smooth cut stone
3Decorated with faded tapestries
4Painted with elaborate murals
5Covered in graffiti
6Decorated with intricate tile mosaics
d8The crypt ceiling is...
1Crossed by wooden beams
2Held up by large support columns
3Leaking water in several places
4Very low - You have to crouch to pass through
5Painted with beautiful scenes
6Rough and jagged stone
7Cracked in many places, revealing the earth above
8Made from smooth stone

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