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Into The White Top Mountains
Mitrinia: Session #1

Welcome to the very first session in the brand new world of Mitrinia. The wild and mystical region of Mitrinia is a homebrew world that I have been working on for quite some time. It is a large hex map that contains many of my favorite dungeons, hex crawls, and interesting locations from all reaches of the genre. This conglomeration of all of my favorite published (and original) adventures will allow my players the freedom to explore what they want, when they want. Everything from dark depths of Stonehell, to the haunted halls of Castle Xyntillan can be found in the lands of Mitrinia. For this campaign, we are going to be running the Old School Essentials ruleset.

Let me introduce a few new players into the world of Mitrinia:

Anya, the 1st level Drow Assassin
Ravena, the 1st level Half-Elf Druid
Ugwedriol “Glaurgwem” Glimyrweg, the 1st level Svirfneblin Illusionist

Our tale unfolds with Ravena the Druid, embarking on a journey to the quaint town of Mautbek alongside her loyal canine companion, Maegus. Situated a day’s travel away, Ravena resides in a recently erected fortress, a joint effort with her friends and companions, Hogarth the Bard and Stronag the Fighter. Her purpose in visiting Mautbek is to procure rare seeds and herbs from the local herbalist.

The trek along the dirt road to Mautbek proved lengthy but uneventful. Upon passing through the wooden gatehouse guarding the town, Ravena and Maegus navigated towards the bustling open market, where she intended to acquire the necessary materials. Amidst a multitude of vendors vying for her attention, Ravena’s gaze was captivated by a meticulously crafted set of dog armor. She promptly paid the vendor 25 gold pieces and set about outfitting Maegus with his newfound protection.

Ravena and Maegus found their peaceful moment shattered by a blood-curdling scream. A woman, her body smeared with dried blood and mud, sprinted into town in a state of sheer panic, screaming and sobbing uncontrollably. Without hesitation, Ravena swiftly approached the distressed woman, who collapsed into Ravena’s arms.

“Please, you must help me!” the woman pleaded through her sobs. “My husband… he was taken! We’re just simple merchants, journeying to Mautbek, and we were ambushed by a bloodthirsty ogre! With one swing of his club, he obliterated our cart, and my husband attempted to fend him off. The ogre seized him and dragged him away…” The woman’s voice trembled as she continued, her tears soaking into Ravena’s shoulder.

“Please, you must help me. You must find him and bring him back to me!” she pleaded. The woman delved into her satchel and produced a leather sack filled with 100 gold pieces. “This is all I have left. It’s yours; please, go and find him.”

“Of course, I will help you,” Ravena assured, offering comfort to the distressed woman.

However, Ravena wasn’t the sole adventurer captivated by the woman’s plea. Among the onlookers stood Anya the Assassin and her companion, Glaurgwem the Illusionist. Observing the unfolding situation, they carefully assessed the scene and, with purpose, Anya approached the druid and the distraught woman. In a deep accent, Anya pledged her assistance to Ravena in the quest to find the missing woman’s husband.

Glaurgwem, recognizing a lucrative opportunity for gold when he sees one, eagerly pledges his assistance to the cause.

As the conversation unfolds, a member of the local watch overhears and steps forward, offering valuable insights. The ogre, known as Ozog, has been a menace to the town for months, repeatedly attacking caravans. This recent incident is just one in a series, and it won’t cease unless Ozog is stopped. Witnesses describe him as a unique ogre of the White Top Mountains—his skin bears jet-black patches, resembling permanent ink stains. One of his eyes emits an eerie green glow, and his back is marred by rancid, oozing sores. Examining Ravena’s map, the watch member circles a location suspected to be Ozog’s lair.

With this newfound information, the adventuring party swiftly secures any last-minute supplies and sets forth northwest of Mautbek, heading to the base of the White Top Mountains.

After a day’s journey through the dense woods surrounding Mautbek, the party reaches a sizable clearing, a clear indication that they are nearing the base of the formidable mountain range. The ground becomes studded with increasingly numerous large rocks as they approach. With nightfall imminent, the party decides to set up camp, planning to confront Ozog at the first light of morning. As the night descends, Ravena and Glaurgwem attempt to forage for herbs, but the barren land yields nothing of use—mostly vines, thorns, and brambles. Anya takes charge of preparing a fire, and the party begins to wind down from their day of travel.

Suddenly, the group spots a covered wagon drawn by a horse approaching their campsite in the darkness. Lanterns dangle from either side of the wagon, and a halfling, smoking a pipe, is visible controlling the cart as it moves in their direction. Reacting quickly, Anya and Glaurgwem leap up and discreetly hide behind nearby rocks, while Ravena and Maegus decide to approach and investigate the identity of this mysterious stranger.

The halfling stranger raises his hand and greets Ravena with a friendly wave. “Hello, friend! Would you mind if I make camp here with you? There’s strength in numbers when camping out in the mountains, you know!” he calls out to her. Ravena, attempting to gauge the halfling’s intentions, senses no threat. Anya and Glaurgwem, observing from a distance, also find nothing alarming and decide to remain concealed behind the rocks, watching the unfolding interaction.

Identifying himself as Wenwrick Barleywood, a traveling pipe-maker, the halfling explains that he is on his way back home from collecting clay in the mountains. Ravena, noticing the dried clay on his hands and the blocks of clay in his cart, concludes that his story checks out. She eases her guard a bit as Wenwrick asks if he can pet Maegus.

Ravena engages in a friendly conversation with Wenwrick, and the atmosphere lightens as he presents her with a small wooden box from his cart. Inside is a meticulously carved pipe shaped like a dog. Anya, observing the exchange, decides to reveal herself, displaying her daggers as a silent signal of caution. Wenwrick, taken aback but understanding the need for vigilance, produces a second pipe carved in the likeness of a spider and gifts it to Anya. With Glaurgwem emerging from his hiding place, the party assures Wenwrick that there are no more surprises. He laughs, acknowledging the cautious approach, and gifts Glaurgwem a pipe shaped like a silk worm.

Throughout the night, the group shares tales of their past adventures, and Wenwrick regales them with stories of local landmarks. To the west lies the troubled town of Brandonsford, dealing with a dragon threat. Southward, the dungeon of Stonehell and the haunted halls of Castle Xyntillan capture the imagination. To the east is Illmire, Wenwrick’s hometown, where rumors of cult activity and the enslavement of local Myconid population circulate. The party takes note of these intriguing rumors, and as the night progresses, everyone retires to bed.

Upon waking the next morning, the party discovers that Wenwrick has departed. His cart is gone, indicating an early morning departure. In the spot where he slept, the party finds a bundle of Peddlar’s Puff, a special pipeweed, left as a parting gift for their new pipes.

The party makes their way to Ozog’s lair, quickly discovering the entrance at the base of the White Top Mountains. As they approach, the sounds of Ozog’s agitation echo from within. His anger is palpable, audible as he attempts to scratch his back against the cave wall. The party watches in horror as he returns to his fire, revealing a gruesome sight—a human leg impaled on a spike, roasting over the flames.

The party moves swiftly, coordinating their efforts to set up a trap for Ozog. Anya skillfully climbs to the top of the cave entrance, positioning herself strategically. Meanwhile, Ravena silently places a bear trap at the entrance, and Glaurgwem pours lantern oil over the trap. As the trap is readied, Ravena steps back. With everything in place, Glaurgwem boldly yells to get Ozog’s attention. To add an extra layer of distraction, he drops his pants and moons the enraged ogre, hoping to incite a reaction. The tension in the cave builds as the party awaits Ozog’s response.

“Whats this?” Ozog calls out to them. “Emissaries of the Gods? Meant to take Ozog to the afterlife?” Ozog seizes his massive wooden club leaning on the cave wall and bellows, “You will not have my soul without a fight!”

Confused by Ozog’s words, the party has little time to react. Ozog hoists the club over his head and charges at them from the cave entrance. In his blind rage, he fails to notice the bear trap and steps right into it. A scream escapes Ozog’s lips as he drops his club, attempting to free his foot from the bear trap. Anya, ready with her dagger, leaps from the entrance but falls short, taking mild damage as Ozog thrashes about.

Glaurgwem seizes the opportunity, lighting a torch and using its flame to ignite his newly acquired pipe. He tosses the torch toward Ozog, whose legs are now covered in lantern oil. Ozog erupts into flames, screaming in agony and hurling curses at the party. Ravena, seizing the moment, rushes forward with her wooden spear and thrusts it into Ozog’s chest. The ogre collapses to the ground, his dying breath murmuring, “I’m ready now… Take me to the afterlife.”

A quick survey of Ozog’s cave reveals signs of his long-term occupancy. The walls are adorned with small rock trinkets, and his bed consists of piles of leather pelts. Beneath one of the pelts, Glaurgwem discovers a +1 Wooden Shield that Ozog repurposed as a dinner plate. The party also uncovers a bag of gold and some moldy food during their search. However, there is no sign of the missing Mautbek woman’s husband, raising concerns that the leg roasting on the open fire may belong to him.

The party’s attention is drawn to a small entrance at the back of the cave, seemingly too small for Ozog to use. Intrigued, they investigate and find it leading into a vast cavern. The light from Ozog’s blazing fire reflects off a small pool of water at the center of this grand cavernous room. The party prepares to venture deeper into the cave, uncertain of what awaits them in the shadows.

Above the pool of water, the party notices several nesting stirges in the higher reaches of the cavern. Utilizing their dim vision and keeping their torches unlit, the party moves stealthily, avoiding the attention of the stirges that either disregard them or remain oblivious.

Venturing into a side passage, the party discovers a room filled with basketball-sized fire beetles. These creatures happily munch on the cave wall’s growth, paying no mind to the adventurers. The party observes small skull-shaped markings on the husks of each beetle.

While traveling through a northern passage, a hidden Dark Mantle swoops down, attempting to envelop Ravena. The startled party springs into action. Glaurgwem activates his Spook ability, frightening the Dark Mantle away, releasing its grip on Ravena. Undeterred, the party follows the creature deeper into the cave. Glaurgwem uses lantern oil to set the Dark Mantle ablaze, and Maegus bites onto one of its wings, holding it over the flames. The Dark Mantle succumbs to its injuries and collapses into a heap on the cave floor.

In the new chamber, the party stumbles upon the tragic scene of a one-legged man who crawled into the room and succumbed to his injuries. A wedding ring and a sapphire necklace adorn the man, items that the party decides to take. Ravena intends to return the wedding ring to the woman in Mautbek, seeking confirmation if this was indeed her husband. Meanwhile, Glaurgwem plans to sell the sapphire necklace at the earliest opportunity.

Spotting a small alcove in the cave wall, the party investigates and finds a wooden chest. Glaurgwem, examining the architecture, identifies a spear trap at the chest’s base. Anya skillfully disarms the trap. Upon opening the chest, the party discovers a trove of valuable gems and three spell scrolls: Knock, Spectral Hand, and Shield.

The party, laden with newfound treasures and crucial information, decides to regroup and return the wedding ring to the grieving woman in Mautbek. Retracing their steps through the cavern, they make their way back to the village, leaving the northern path unexplored for now. The three adventurers, along with their loyal canine companion, embark on the journey back to Mautbek.


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