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What makes this village so special? This list contains one hundred different notable features for a village located in a fantasy setting.

1The village center point is a strange abandoned gothic cathedral, built of cast-iron and adamantine. If you look you will find a single hidden door that looks like a standard stain glass window, it will lead into a hidden underground complex of many other churches, to any number of known and unknown gods and their monstrosity's.
2Crumbling ramparts and palisades mark the landscape surrounding this village. It seems as though this village was built upon the ruins of a long-destroyed city.
3There's a stone tower in the village with a lead roof that has long been abandoned because it's struck by lightning with such frequency. Entering the tower during a storm is a common adolescent dare.
4The village has a well-guarded technique for treating their wooden structures so that they glow faintly at night.
5This village mostly resides in an old opal mine and the walls and ceilings glisten with rainbows of colors in the light.
6The villagers speak in an accent that closely resembles celestial. They can read and speak celestial, but don’t worship any deity or have any sacred writings as reference.
7This village is entirely made up of treehouses high in the canopy.
8The village sits in the saddle between two mountains. The tops of the mountains have precious metal ore veins, resulting in nuggets and dust to regularly be dragged down in the snowmelt, terminating in a fountain in the village square. Panning and probing the fountain is permitted and often done by children or the less fortunate to try and make a little extra money. Wedding ceremonies are performed by the fountain, and the couple both reach a hand in to pull out a nugget. The more precious the metal of the nugget, the more prosperous their marriage is supposed to be. Wealthier families will often put a nugget of gold or platinum in the fountain before the ceremony for their family member to find.
9A famous bard song that is sweeping the region features this village, specifically highlighting its natural splendor, which is indeed accurate.
10This village have their own unique language that most do not know or could understand. Some believe it is a surviving community from a long forgotten age.
11This village is heavily dependent on gambling, and every aspect of the residents' lives are made by chance or games of chance. Shop prices. Food rations. Daily wages. Village Leadership. Etc.
12It never rains in the village - never. Roofs amount to flimsy sunshades. Fortunately that's not true of the surrounding countryside.
13The village is on an island in the river. Over the course of a year, the island gradually migrates upriver and then back down.
14Every villager looks like they are the same person, just dressed in a different outfit or hairstyle so it's not obvious at first glance. They have an intricate story justifying the conundrum if anyone questions it.
15This village is almost entirely made of ribs, tusks, horns, and other skeletal features of a large and vast race of creatures that has since been hunted to extinction.
16The village has recently suffered from an immense economic downturn after a catastrophic event happened in it(an evil sorcerer, monster attack, or plague) and now no one trades with them for fear of bad luck, so this village is full of wealthy people in rich clothes that are now torn and dirty and the mayor is desperately trying to find a way to restore the wealth but can't. . .yet.
17The villagers in this community come together every week in the town square to partake in a communal feast, which serves as a means of supporting the underprivileged members of the village.
18This village is near a large bard college, and so is overrun with bards of all sorts. Music and inspiration abound by fledgling bards.
19The entire village is housed in one large building, when the population grows the building expands with it. The community is known to be very well integrated and connected because they live so closely together.
20This village is carved out of the side of a great rock mesa and most of the homes and buildings are made of the same rock.
21This small village is nestled in the cold and unforgiving tundra. The buildings are able to withstand the worst of the winter storms. The village's inhabitants are a hardy people, used to the harshness of the environment and the daily struggle against the cold. The villagers are welcoming, but they are also cautious, as the tundra can be a dangerous place.
22The village is centered around fast moving stream which has a series of mills along it. These all feature immense waterwheels.
23This village doesn't believe in capital punishment for crime, but uses an extensive rehabilitation program that focuses on mentorship, education, and service. The community is very mature and thriving.
24The village is on a steep hill. Typical houses have a front door on the lower story and a back door on the upper story.
25The village has a large graveyard just outside the main square, where the grave markers are noteworthy in the region for being humorous or especially poetic.
26The village's cats don't talk, but they show every sign of fully understanding spoken language.
27This village is surrounded by a barren desert, but fortunately contains a precious oasis many depend on to survive here.
28Everyday at noon, villagers stop what they are doing. They drop whatever they are holding and stare blankly in front of them. They don't blink either. This goes on for a minute or two everyday and none of them don't recall any event. They find excuses for any spilled glass, bucket or container, to the point they will fill in the blanks with images of things that didn't happen. They will imagine things, and create things on the spot to explain whatever just happened if it has any repercussion. They will blame outsiders, animals, or natural phenomena (like wind blowing for instance).
29The village has great soil, and the village is full of gardeners, florists especially. Every year they have a flower contest in the spring. A nature diety sometimes attends the contest as a guest judge.
30This village is entirely made of ship wrecks, beached ships, and other ocean debris that washes up on its shore, giving it a very unique and cobbled-together look.
31This village is built with a lot of verticality. To assist with traversal, residents are used to climbing rope ladders and ziplines to get where they are going.
32The village has gained recognition for its impressively large racing horses, attracting interested buyers from across the surrounding areas who come to purchase these magnificent animals.
33Deep within a thick and verdant jungle lies a small and hidden village, a haven of peace in the wilds. The village is tucked away in a shallow valley, sheltered by the towering trees that edge its borders. The village itself consists of small, circular huts made of mud, sticks, and thatch, with a larger communal hut in the center.
34This village is built on top of a gigantic but peaceful creature that occasionally decides to move locations. The people revere it and do what they can to show appreciation for allowing them to live with it symbiotically.
35The village has seven wells, all functional. There's a variety of stories for why so many.
36This village has several oil pumps providing crude oil for processing, but most of the kerosene is used to constantly light the perimeter fires and gas searchlights that ward off the creatures who endanger the residence in the darkness.
37The village lies in the shadow of a towering stone pillar. The pillar has been carved from a natural rock formation, but the top has been shattered and large stones litter the base.
38Large wild herbivores occasionally tromp through the streets like they own the place. It's taboo to harm them.
39The houses are built on stilts or raised platforms and joined by causeways to protect from frequent and severe floods.
40The local staple crop grows in overwhelming abundance; it is nutritious, filling, and mildly disgusting. Villagers will gift it freely to visitors. They're delighted to find, receive, or buy virtually anything else edible.
41The village is obsessed with music. Virtually everybody plays an instrument, and does so at every opportunity; musical talent and social prestige are virtually the same thing. Creating a good song or bringing them one they don't already know is greatly valued.
42The village is subject to incredibly frequent earthquakes. The buildings and furnishings are built with this in mind and rarely suffer much damage.
43This village contains a monk monastery and the locals are a direct reflection of it. This village is known for it's spiritual enlightenment and martial arts. Some of the villagers can be found meditating in the open streets to find their inner life force.
44There is an immense tree in the center of the village. The species is unidentified, but it produces tens of thousands of tiny yellow flowers. Petals and pollen from the flowers rain down during late spring and through summer, coating everything in the the village in a fine layer of golden colour.
45This village is built on top of a large bridge that spans over a body of water. It welcomes commerce and trade as many pass through to other larger cities.
46This village is homed on the mountain cliffs and have become experts at taming and riding flying gryphons. If you are seeking to be a gryphon rider, this is your one stop place to start the process.
47Many terrible rumors are spoken of this village that warn of terrible evil and danger brooding within. When you arrive you find quite the opposite, you surmise that the rumors were intended to keep the place quiet and small on purpose.
48This village has several songs the residents sing at certain times of day and at certain ceremonial events. All the residents know all the words and dance steps.
49This Village was originally built for Giants before being magically shrunken down to a size suitable for normal humanoids. .
50This village has a large hub of teleportation circles created long ago by a famous wizard to distance cities in the realm. Many wizards and magical users continue to use these circles to travel and magical businesses were formed here to encourage commerce.
51The village is founded by / populated by small creatures and everything is just a little smaller.
52The village sits at the base of the majestic Snowy Peaks, a mountain range that stretches to the horizon. The village's most notable feature is the ancient temple that stands atop the highest peak of the Snowy Peaks. This temple is said to be the resting place of an ancient dragon, whose presence is said to bring luck and fortune to those who venture within its walls.
53The village is situated around a collection of inteconnected limestone sinkholes and caves. Water flows continually through these. The village is famous as a location for odd artifacts and other items that are discovered by people brave enough to venture into them.
54This village is pristine and clean. Any perceived filth is magically prestidigitation-ed away as quickly as possible.
55This village consists of a series of submerged houses and buildings with arcane crystals in strategic areas creating an air bubble for air-breathers to breath.
56A weaver in town is also an especially gifted teacher who has taken on several students. The village is becoming well known for the intricate patterns and high quality of woven items, some of which are imbued with traces of magic upon creation. People have begun moving to town in order to learn the craft and sages have come to study the nature of this magic.
57There is a rock formation that sounds like it’s singing when the wind goes through it just right.
58This village is entirely encased in a glass greenhouse and has a tropical climate despite the arctic region it resides in. It is a major supplied or fruits and foods to the surrounding settlements.
59The bridge over the stream was never completed, simply halting in midair halfway across. Except there are legends that, if you cross the bridge with absolute confidence and your eyes closed, you don't fall into the water. You reach the other side... someplace Else.
60A talented articifer gifted the children of the town with a merry-go-round featuring beautifully decorated wooden horses and ponies. The mechanism in the merry-go-round automatically activates at sunset and plays a light, tinkling tune as it spins.
61In a normally arid location, this small village has a comforting fog every morning, providing short term shade and moisture, which has allowed a special, small Vinyard to flourish. The cause of the fog is actually the brother of the vinyard's proprietor, a powerful monospell sorcerer, who can greatly strengthen the Fog Cloud spell. The proprietor keeps him locked in the basement in an addled state so he keeps the village afloat.
62The village is set into a mountainside, at the top of which sits an important shrine. There is an enormous set of stairs carved into the side of the mountain. The village is set-up to handle regular influxes of pilgrims and sells a range of religious paraphernalia and items to help people on the arduous climb to the top.
63The village is built around a large quarry that produces particularly fine stone. Most of the economic activity in the village has to do with quarrying, stonemasonry or transporting finished blocks.
64This village features mushrooms heavily. Some man made, some naturally grown, and some magically enhanced and enlarged.
65When autumn sets in, the trees surrounding the village always change color to create a large cat eye pattern with the village in the middle of the pupil.
66Most buildings in the village are circular, with conical roofs. Almost all the roads in the village are curved. Hard angles are the exception rather than the norm.
67The village is defended by a wall made largely of giant bones.
68Most of the buildings in the village have flat roofs that interconnect with their neighbors. These spaces are used for all manner of activities. There are stairs or ladders all over the place for access.
69The entire village is built in the treetops, with rope bridges connecting the various buildings.
70The village is situated on a collection of natural hot springs. The town is famous for its hot baths, which reportedly have restorative or curative properties.
71This Village is a legitimate "Candy Land" with gingerbread houses, rivers of fudge, gumdrop cobblestones etc. It was created by hags to lure children.
72This village acts as a massive factory. Every resident works turning the imported raw material (Grain, Fiber, Wool, Fletch) into processed material (Flour, Fabric, etc) to sell to merchants or larger towns.
73This village is built around an ancient rock sculptor that cannot be identified. At night, the holes sometimes emit a sound of howling the locals find pleasant but outsiders find unsettling.
74Most buildings have cellars, which in turn connect into a mesh of tunnels. Perhaps a subterranean species shares the village, or perhaps the villagers use them for protection from attacks or bad weather.
75The entire village sits on a mechanical structure that regularly shifts on a set pattern every hour, and all inhabitants are robot-esque constructs. At the centre of the village there is an immensely tall clock tower that signals the changing of the village's structure, shifting bridges, building placement and the direction in which the village faces.
76This village breeds, cares for, milks, and cares for Mammoths as most villages would cows and sheep.
77The village only exists for ceremonial purposes. Most of the year it is almost empty, with just a few priests. But for a few annual festivals, people flood in from the region to fill up the houses for a few days.
78This village is famous for its metallurgy and blacksmiths and boasts a massive, multi-forge structure in the center of town that also provides heat to most of the town. It rarely is closed down, and runs throughout the night.
79This village is composed mostly of constructs or warforged that depend on one another for purpose and a sense of belonging. The buildings and social structures reflect their mechanical nature. Many of them consider the other their master and so there is a recirculating pattern of sacrificial service and gratitude. They do not sleep as night, so the nights are just as lively as the day.
80The village sits on a cliffside and several nearby columns of rock. Houses are jammed onto any available flat surface, with some hanging precipitously off the edges.
81This village is built alongside Thri Kreen and consists of both subterranean housing as well as large, termite esque mounds on the surface among the houses and farms that lead to the subterranean tunnels.
82The entire village is built on small individual building-sized islands with swampy water flowing between them. The villagers make their way around the village via small boats or rope bridges.
83The village is built around a large standing stone from an earlier age, decorated with swirling carvings that resemble flowing air. The villagers believe the stone attracts good winds to the village and hold ceremonies to thank the stone for its blessing.
84The village sits at the base of a hill and over half of the buildings were recently buried by a massive mudslide. There are still rooftops and chimneys visible poking up out of the deep mud on one side of the town.
85Vast flocks of migrating flying creatures roost here on thier journey for several days each year, so much so that it is on the map for at least 3 different migratory species, thankfully the migration dates don't always overlap or it'd be a madhouse!
86The villagers bury their dead inside their homes, with small stone markers set into the dirt floors. Etiquette demands that residents and visitors alike salute each of the dead by name each time they enter the house.
87This land-locked village surrounds a pond. Fake seaweed, paper fish, and plants have been magically enchanted to simulate life underwater. Most of the residents are devote worshippers of a water deity, but few are water breathers.
88The village is home a massive, and exotic, menagerie in the center of town. Where animals from around this realm and others are kept for the viewing pleasure of the townsfolk.
89The village has a mausoleum of a revered hero. Frescos, statues and other likenesses of the hero are dotted throughout the village.
90The villagers smear their skin liberally with a garishly colored clay. It repels a biting insect which is otherwise maddening.
91This Village is a "Ghost Town" not in the aspect that it is deserted, or filled with ghosts. The town itself is the spectral ghost of a town that once stood at that very location.
92The village brazenly flouts the overriding morality of the region and openly operates gambling halls, drug dens, illegal fighting rings, and brothels.
93The village is guarded by a set of wicker golems left behind long ago as a gift from a powerful sorcerer. Their enchantment is maintained as the villagers weave new stalks in to replace worn ones.
94The village boasts one of the most expansive libraries in the realm. A nominal fee grants you access to the three-story building, where you can explore any topic that piques your interest.
95In many villages, there is a well that often overflows and sprays water like a geyser. The locals consider it a symbol of the water gods' might and a famous attraction that draws visitors from distant places.The overflowing well is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the abundance of water in the underground aquifers. The water pressure builds up, causing the well to overflow and gush water out periodically, creating a spectacle for onlookers. The locals often gather around the well, telling stories and legends about the water gods' blessings and the well's supernatural powers.
96The village has very aggressive birds that will swoop down to snatch food from your hands, or anything else they find interesting.
97A beautiful spring is the center piece of the town, everyone from the farm hands to the nobles gather water from it, some say the waters have healing properties, most just think it tastes good.
98This village rests entirely out in the deep swamps on stilts. Navigating the village requires the use of a collection of haphazard boardwalks.
99The village is built out of the remains of an old dungeon, and everything has been repurposed to assist the resident's day-to-day lives.
100The village is suspended over the canyon on spider's silk. The residence breed and train giant spiders here and use them to help with labor (harvest farms, move goods. Construction assistance, silk farms)

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