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100 Items Found in a Wizard’s Tower
One hundred different strange, interesting, and dangerous items found within the mysterious tower of a wizard.
100 Illegal Items Found In A Black Market
One hundred illegal items that your players could find while perusing a fantasy black market.
100 Dungeon Graffiti
Use this table to generate some graffiti on the walls of your tombs, crypts, and ruins.
100 Interesting Rumors (Or Potential Plot Hooks!)
One hundred different rumors (or potential plot hooks!) that the players can hear from the villagers in town. Roll One For…
100 Good/Evil Faction Motivations
Factions play a crucial role in shaping the dynamics of a fantasy realm. Creating your own factions from scratch can…
Mitrinia: Session #1 – Into The White Top Mountains
Into The White Top Mountains Mitrinia: Session #1 Welcome to the very first session in the brand new world…

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Have an idea for a future article? Need a specific d100 list for your game?

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A collection of tables designed to inspire and spark creativity within your tabletop games.

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Randomly generate weird and wonderful tabletop content at the click of a button.

A collection of fun play reports from the different OSR games that I play.

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