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One hundred wonderous trinkets for your players to find in random locations within your fantasy world. Many of these trinkets could be great plot hooks for a creative dungeon master!

1A whistle made from a greyed, aging wood. The whistle is covered in elven markings and will not make a noise if you blow into it. At least, not yet.
2An emerald gem the size of a large marble. You have reason to believe that an infamous orc captain once used this gem in place of his missing eye. He was never captured.
3A fork made of solid gold. This ornate utensil has a motivation quote carved into it in Infernal.
4A small box of worn playing cards. These playing cards once belonged to a notorious con-man who lived in a city nearby.
5A small round coin made from an unknown black material. A small inscription of a skull smiling is carved into the coin.
6A golden coin. This small, round coin always comes up heads when flipped.
7A dog collar made of leather with a bronze tag. The tag reads: 'If found, please return to Glambrig Forgestone'.
8A lump of amber with a small, strange creature trapped inside of it. You aren’t sure what the creature is, but on a few occasions, you are sure that you saw it blink.
9A silver necklace. This necklace holds a pendant of a bouquet of roses also made of silver.
10A single, silver dragon scale. This scale shines brightly in moonlight.
11A small, black candle. This candle burns without ever being consumed.
12A plush toy of a cartoonish vampire. Includes detachable fangs!
13A journal of poetry that belonged to a long dead poet. It seems like the poet was trying to convey something cryptic within his poems, but you aren’t sure of the meaning.
14A small, glass vase. This magical vase has the ability to bring any flower back to life that is placed into it.
15A silver thimble. This thimble belonged to the grandmother of a powerful wizard. This thimble has a magical property, but you aren’t sure what it is yet.
16A warm, knitted hat. When worn, it allows you to always have pleasant dreams when sleeping.
17A small metal metronome. It is useful when trying to keep exact timing with something.
18A vial of volcanic ash. Useful in certain alchemy experiments.
19A large, transparent gem. When placed under the stars, the gem floats around the air like a jellyfish.
20A fist-sized sharks tooth. Ancient runes have been carved all across the surface of the tooth.
21A pair of red earrings. These earrings were once owned by a troll princess from a far away jungle island. Through a multitude of strange coincidences, they made their way to you.
22A melted iron dagger. You aren’t sure what is strong enough to melt an iron dagger, but you hope you never have to truly find out.
23The fossil of an extinct creature. While this might not be useful to you, it could be a great bargaining chip to a local museum or collector.
24A vial of perfume. This mystical elven perfume can perfectly mimic the smell of a beautiful spring day.
25A small herbal guide book. You may use this book to tell a single fact about herbs that you come across in your travels.
26A broken wooden wand. You aren’t sure what sort of magical effect this wand had when it was whole. Perhaps you should get it fixed and find out...
27A religious icon that once belonged to a member of your family. It has sentimental value to you, even though it isn’t worth much. This member of your family told you that they could commune to the gods through this statue.
28A tin of yellow powder. When the powder is sprinkled onto plants, the plant can telepathically communicate with anyone it wants in the area for one minute.
29A seashell from a foreign beach. You aren’t sure where it’s from, but it’s colorful and incredible form intrigues you.
30A small glass bottle filled with a bubbling orange liquid. You aren’t sure what it does, but the liquid smells like brimstone.
31A small figurine carved from driftwood. You heard this figurine was carved by someone who was stranded on a desert island, but that could just be an old sea tale. The figurine depicts an angry looking orc.
32A small box that is labeled 'Interesting Finds'. The box is currently empty.
33A hempen anklet. When sitting next to a campfire, the smoke from the fire will always avoid the one who is wearing this anklet.
34A shiny, copper horseshoe. This horseshoe once belonged to a horse who won hundreds of horse races.
35A giant spider fang. The fang has been hollowed out and is now used as a flask.
36A detailed map of a city that doesn’t seem to exist. Anyone you show it to is completely baffled, and no one has heard of this strange place... until a random man approaches you at the tavern one night, saying he’s been there.
37A single tarot card. The card depicts a beholder staring menacingly back at you with the words 'The Devourer'.
38An elven lute with rusted strings. The lute itself is in pristine conditions, but whenever a new set of strings is attached to it, they rust before your eyes.
39A human shinbone. This shinbone belonged to a saint who died defending her temple from demonic invaders.
40A torn orcish phrasebook. The only pages that are left contain the words 'Eat', 'Kill', and 'Crush'.
41A small, round stone. This stone is the eye of a petrified creature.
42A small glass orb that contains a cloud. You can use this handy device to tell the weather, no matter where you are.
43A small, ornate box. Inside the box is the beating heart of a vampire lord. He always knows where it is, and he is always tracking it down.
44An ornate fan made from different colored wood. This fan unfolds to reveal an incredibly detailed picture of a dragon atop a mountain of gold. Above the dragon is a star map, with a few constellations marked and labeled.
45A small, golden locket. The locket contains a picture of a young halfling couple. On the back of the picture, it reads: 'Of all the people and places in the realm, I will always love you the most.'
46A wooden puzzle cube. This strange cube can be rotated several ways. It is covered in painted elemental symbols.
47A small, delicate crystal. When you set the crystal on the ground, it slowly begins levitating and heads west.
48A small leather pouch containing leaves from a desecrated druidic grove. The leaves still seem to be alive, even though they aren’t attached to anything.
49A ceramic disk that looks like a full moon. The disk is a dull brown color in the day, and a bright white color at night.
50A small iron hammer. This hammer was created by an ancient dwarf clan who have long since disappeared.
51A smoking pipe made from bone. The bone once belonged to a great whale who was hunted down and killed after a month-long ordeal.
52A leather pouch filled with green sand. When poured into a fire, it turns the fire green. The pouch refills at dawn.
53A cloth bag filled with seeds. A small tag on the bag reads: 'Extra Large Tomatoes - Plant at your own risk!'
54A small glass rod. Inside the glass rod is the fingerbone of a powerful lich.
55A pair of iron boots. These iron boots make absolutely no sound, no matter what is done to them or how hard you step.
56A small demonic idol. This idol plays small random pranks on unsuspecting people when they are asleep.
57A tiny tackle box filled with hooks. This tackle box magically fills with tiny metal hooks every day at dawn. A fisherman’s dream!
58A holy book. The book belongs to a god who was murdered. This book is one of the only things in existence that mentions the god’s name.
59Seven small, chrome balls. When placed on the ground, they slowly rotate in a circle.
60A tarnished kitchen knife. No matter how much wear and tear this knife gets, it always remains sharp.
61A pair of boots made for climbing tall trees. Useful for climbing up wooden walls, as well.
62A piece of parchment containing the written address of a noble. Also written on the list is a list of times the noble is out of the house.
63A strand of golden wire. It is said to have been woven from the finest elven hair.
64A pair of fake, rubber elf ears. Useful for disguises!
65A bottle of wine. The wine contains the pinky toe of a goliath, which is said to give it extra flavor.
66A crown fashioned from tree vines. Even though the vines aren’t attached to anything, they are still alive. They wrap tightly around the wearer’s head when they put it on.
67A message in a bottle. The message is an urgent message to a noble lord that tells of a lost troop of soldiers at sea.
68A broken brass bell. This bell, when fixed, can attract nearby cows to your position.
69A tunic that is stained with soil. This is the only piece of evidence in a local missing person’s case.
70A mysterious sand timer. Every day, a single grain of sand drops into the other side.
71A scroll containing the story of a great Elven warrior.
72A treasure map. At least you THINK it’s a treasure map, it’s written in a language you don’t understand.
73A small clockwork device. When activated, the device can tell you the direction of North.
74A ouija board. This small board and planchet are used to communicate with willing spirits in the area.
75A pair of weighted dice. Useful for cheating at dice games. Don’t let your DM see you using them!
76A tiny, smelly box. On the lid of the box, it reads: 'Goblin Cheese'.
77A vial containing a single drop of demon’s blood. You aren’t sure what someone did to get this, or how it came into your possession for that matter.
78A mithril key. Carved in dwarvish onto the side of the key are symbols that read: 'For the Glowing Chest'.
79A torn flag. This flag was picked off a shipwreck that was found off the coast of a local village.
80Several loose pages. The pages are to a banned play that is illegal in this region as it depicts the king as a fool.
81A book written by a troll. It contains a number of crude troll jokes about killing and eating humans.
82A piece of bark from the Feywild. When gripping this bark with both hands, it allows you to sing beautifully.
83A glass monocle. This monocle was worn by a famous sea captain that died at sea under mysterious circumstances. They say you can still see his ghost when looking through the monocle on a full moon.
84A silver locket that is frozen shut. No matter what you do to the ice, it will never melt.
85A magical gold coin. When the correct command word is said aloud, the coin, no matter where in the world it is, will always appear back in your hand.
86A leather coin purse. Inside the purse is a brown toad that always seems to appear in the purse every morning at dawn.
87A miniature, tamed mimic. You found this little guy pretending to be a gold coin in your house. You fed it, and over time, it started to trust you. It can obey very simple commands.
88A mask used during a local festival that celebrates the sun and moon. The mask is in the shape of a beaming sun.
89A necklace made from jagged fish teeth. This necklace is said to protect you while swimming from creatures that lurk below.
90A haunted doll in a faded, red dress. The doll’s eyes follow you around the room when others aren’t looking.
91A shiny, silver mirror. When you look into the mirror, it shows you as you were ten years ago on this exact day.
92A wooden tankard. This magical tankard can turn any liquid that is placed inside it into water. It was created by a magical non-alcoholic who still wanted to go drinking with his friends.
93A small leather scrapbook. Inside the scrapbook are dozens of beautiful pressed butterflies.
94A vial of cloudy, clear liquid. This vial is said to contain an incredibly powerful poison, but it can only kill one specific elf.
95A stone tablet with ancient writing. The writing translates to a list of names of men and women who once belonged to an order of paladins from the east.
96A blue doll with strange hair. Upon closer inspection, the hair is made out of a dried seaweed.
97An apple from a dryad’s garden. Whoever takes a bite of the apple will invoke the wrath of the mysterious dryad.
98A bundle of arrows that are painted red. At least, you THINK it’s red paint!
99A bottle of sparkling dust. This bottle contains the ground-up remains of a unicorn’s horn.
100A magical comb. The comb randomly changes the color of the user. This can be used once per week.

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