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Did your players touch an evil alter? A cursed magic item? The list contains one hundred magical curses that can be bestowed upon an unsuspecting player.

1The player must now sleep twice as much as normal.
2The player's eyes and skin become a sickly grey color.
3Riding animals will refuse to let the player mount them.
4The player's feet and legs twist into cloven hooves.
5The player will fall into a coma for 24 hours if touched by moonlight.
6An evil hag always knows the location of the player, and will do everything she can to make the player's life miserable.
7The player is covered in a terrible, itchy rash.
8The player sprouts a pair of goat horns on their head.
9The player is plagued with a horrible cough, making them more suseptible to wandering monsters in dungeons.
10Anyone sleeping near the player has terrible nightmares.
11Open flames burn out at twice the normal rate when in the presence of the player.
12A faithful friend or relative of the player will soon betray them in a terrible way.
13Any fresh water that the player touches becomes tainted.
14The player's secret thoughts are transmitted to everyone within 30' of the player.
15The player now has a possessed limb. At random points during the day, the player's arm has a mind of it's own, and attempts to harm the player for 1d4 turns.
16The player hears all music as horrible screeching sounds.
17The player can no longer tell the difference between rocks and bread.
18The player's alignment switches to Lawful.
19The player is cursed to believe anything they are told.
20Metal armor worn by the player instantly rusts.
21Animals flee from the player on sight.
22The player's vocal chord stops working. The player cannot speak.
23Any mirror that the player looks into shatters.
24It always seems to be raining wherever the player goes.
25Holy water deals damage to the player if touched.
26A random possession of the player breaks every time they sleep.
27Undead creatures are alerted to the players presence, causing them to hunt the player if nearby.
28The player has an uncontrollable urge to create a piece of artwork for a random Chaotic god once per day.
29Every time the player wakes up, earth worms are found gathering around them.
30The player slowly begins to sprout dark brown fur all over their body.
31The player's hair instantly falls out.
32The player's eyes become very sensitive in direct sunlight. They recieve a -1 to skill checks in the sunlight.
33The player must destroy 100 gp worth of valuables per day or die.
34Any time the player takes damage, a random ally within 15 ft. of them takes 1 damage.
35The player begins to rot away. They will become a mummy within 1d4 weeks unless the curse is dispelled.
36The player must eat twice as many rations.
37Rations that the player is carrying spoil at twice the normal rate.
38Sailing ships will not move with the player aboard.
39The player can now see the spirits of the dead all around them. They cannot communcate with them, but the spirits silently watch the player.
40The player's sense of taste is altered. Delicious tasting food and drink now tastes disgusting to them, but otherwise disgusting food and drink becomes delicious.
41A group of invisible Fey creatures are constantly playing pranks on the player.
42The player cannot be healed by magical means.
43Thieves and pickpockets have a strong urge to steal things from the player.
44Items become heavier when the player holds them. The player's encumbrance amount is cut in half.
45Lightning is attracted to the player. If they are outside during a storm, they will be struck by lightning.
46The player is no longer able to lie.
47The player must now worship a particular Chaotic deity.
48When the player comes into contact with smoke, it purposefully surrounds the player, making it difficult to see.
49The player instantly ages 1d10 years.
50Wooden weapons turn to ash at the player's touch.
51Bugs within 100 ft. of the player slowly crawl towards them at all times.
52Command words no longer work with the player's voice.
53The player has an uncontrollable fear of water and will not go near it.
54The player is blinded for 1d4 hours.
55The player's spoken words are only heard by people of the same alignment.
56A random member of the player's family is enslaved by demons.
57Any gold the player touches turns to copper.
58Whenever the player misses with their weapon, it swings back and hits them for 1 damage.
59A demon lord instantly knows the location of the player.
60The player's skin becomes dry and cracked. They must drink water continuously throughout the day or turn into a pile of dust.
61The player begins to age at a rapid rate. For every week they are with the curse, they age one year.
62A random NPC in the region will do anything it takes to kill the player. A new NPC will be chosen every week until the curse is lifted.
63The player mentally needs more time to prepare for an encounter. They are always last in the initiative order.
64The player's shoes always wear out within 1d4 hours of putting them on.
65Everyone who has ever met the player (except the other players) instantly forget the player.
66The player exudes an odor that causes anyone nearby to retch.
67A small, second head grows out of the player's neck. It loves to spit insults, disrespect the player, and cause a lot of noise.
68The player cannot naturally heal.
69Any hirelings or henchmen in the service of the player begin to plot against the player. They will strike in 1d4 days.
70The player is now constantly sweating. -1 Charisma.
71The player's hands begin to tremble during combat. They suffer -1 to attack rolls.
72Healing spells deal damage to the player instead of restoring hit points.
73The player swaps faces with a well known criminal.
74Potions no longer have any effect on the player.
75The player's tongue forks.
76The player's alignment switches to Chaotic.
77The player is cursed with the knowledge of some horrible catastrophic event that is about to happen. No one believes them.
78Flies begin to crawl out of the players mouth while they are sleeping.
79The player can no longer say their own name.
80Plants quickly wither away when the player touches them.
81Compasses don't work in the presence of the player.
82The player must kill a living creature once a day or die.
83The player's voice is reduced to a whisper.
84Black runes appear on the player's flesh.
85Holy symbols break in the presence of the player.
86A dangerous cult within the region is plagued with terrible dreams about the player. They determine that this is a sign from their God to kill the player.
87The player loses the ability to hold anything with both hands simultaneously. If they try to, the player is magically compelled to stop holding on with at least one hand.
88The player can only sleep in the daytime.
89Alcoholic beverages turn to sand when it touches the player's mouth.
90The player is polymorphed into a random animal for 1d4 days.
91The player is deafened for 1d4 hours.
92A single drop of alcohol will now make the player blackout drunk.
93The player immediately becomes illiterate.
94Any potion consumed by the player gives them the opposite intended effect.
95The player gains the frightened condition when fighting any undead creature.
96The player begins to sweat black ink.
97The player instantly believes in the almighty power of chance. All decisions are now made with the flip of a coin.
98The eyes of corpses follow the player.
99A swarm of insects is attracted to the player.
100The player is cursed to always lose at games of chance.

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