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You need more than just monsters and treasure in your crypt, right? Use this list to fill your crypt with little odds and ends to give it some more character. Who knows, some of these items might even help your players out of a jam!

1A pile of animal dung.
2Broken shards of pottery.
3Floating orbs of light illuminate the area.
4An ornate urn filled with human ashes.
5A beautiful, but dusty painting of the person buried here.
6A pile of overturned flagstones.
7A wax blob (candle stub).
8A bundle of dead flowers.
9Bat guano covers the floor in the middle of the room.
10A grappling hook attached to a length of rope.
11A 10-foot wooden bench.
12A large puddle of murky water.
13A branding iron with an unholy symbol at the end.
14An old, damp leather boot that is now a spider’s home.
15Graffiti covering the walls from grave robbers.
16A broken longsword.
17Thick, silky cobwebs that hang from the ceiling.
18A pile of broken gravel.
19Ornate pillars that support the ceiling above.
20The remains of a long dead tomb raider.
21A beautiful statue of a deity of healing.
22A broken crossbow.
23Piles of animal fur are scattered throughout the room.
24Magic candles light the surrounding area.
25A small bundle of 1d4 torches.
26A sarcophagus that has been locked tight.
27A beautiful signet ring.
28Food scraps from a common ration pack.
29A beautiful mozaic tile floor.
30A tube containing a spell scroll.
31Skeletons in robes posed in a praying position.
32A length of corroded chain.
33A damaged crowbar.
34A hole in the wall that has been patched up with stone and mortar.
35A pit that leads to an area under the crypt.
36A large wool blanket that looks new.
37A wooden club that has been broken in half.
38A steep, winding stone staircase that leads to another level.
39A bundle of wax candles.
40A holy altar that has been defiled.
41A pile of gnawed humanoid bones.
42A pile of chalky white bone meal.
43A skeleton head laying upon a pillar in the center of the room.
44A pile of rusted spikes.
45A tapestry depicting the god of death with open arms.
46A pile of broken arrows on the floor.
47A bucket of rotten guts.
48A large wooden chest that has long since been looted.
49A beautifully crafted copper canelabrum.
50A leather backpack that has been looted.
51A pair of manacles without a key.
52A tapestry depicting an ancient ruler from long ago.
53Crimson ceremonial robes.
54Tree roots bursting through the wall and growing into the room.
55A cracked warhammer is carelessly tossed to the floor.
56A broken gargoyle statue.
57Bookshelves containing many ancient books that once belonged to the deceased.
58A wooden chair with leather straps.
59A map of the surrounding area.
60A defiled holy book.
61A large barrel that is completely empty.
62A pile of stacked skulls, forming a pyramid shape.
63A badly dented iron helmet.
64A small iron lockbox that is empty.
65An eerie mural of the underworld.
66A tapestry depicting heretics being gathered up and put to death.
67A broken and empty potion battle.
68An iron gate that is locked tight.
69A small wooden stool.
70A ring of iron keys.
71A pile of 1d20+8 copper pieces.
72A trail of dried blood that starts on the wall and slides across the floor.
73A large crack in the ceiling. Dirty water can be seen dripping down.
74A holy book of prayer.
75A large water-stained carpet.
76A pile of 50 ft. of rope.
77A pile of coal.
78A book of elven poetry.
79A hollowed-out skull with a candle inside it.
80A common fungus is breaking through the stone floor and growing into the room.
81An oil lantern with 1d4 hours of oil remaining.
82Strange spores growing out of the floor.
83A pile of ashes on the floor, with bits of charred bone scattered throughout.
84A broken holy symbol.
85A bundle of sticks.
86A hammer and 1d10 pitons.
87Piles of loose coffins stacked up along the wall.
88A makeshift knife made from a slab of stone.
89A couple of rusty iron hooks.
90An ornate fountain filled with stagnent water.
91Thick, rope-like spider webs that block off certain areas.
92A secret iron ladder that leads to another floor.
93A glass bottle with a cork lid.
94A large, torn hemp sack.
95An open sarcophagus with no body inside.
96A pile of mummified bodies.
97An archway gate containing a pitfall trap.
98A beautiful mural of a family tree.
99A massive copper bell on a wooden stand.
1001d4 healing potions

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