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One hundred interesting things that a goblin might find special.

1A bag of assorted teeth from all kinds of different creatures.
2A small fossil contained in a chunk of rock.
3A leather pouch filled with colorful egg shells.
4A broken copper bell on a leather cord.
5A small shaker filled with dried beans.
6An empty wine bottle filled with dead spiders.
7A necklace made from the carcasses of dead beetles.
8A human finger bone wrapped in colorful yarn.
9The carcass of a very large bug that has been hallowed out to use as a bowl.
101d8 teeth from a slain rival.
11A severed elven ear with many bite marks.
12A broken music box that now just plays a single ominous note.
13A piece of moldy bread with a face carved into it.
14A rusty iron nose ring.
15A dagger made out of sharpened flint with a gnarled wooden handle.
16A crudely drawn portrait of another goblin/kobold with hearts painted in blood. On the back, the name Borfus is written.
17A small clay pot filled with nail clippings.
18A wishbone wrapped in parchment.
19A mashed poultice of moldy cheese and berries wrapped in sackcloth, all of which surrounds a single, silver-capped tooth.
20A small, miniature Goblin/Kobold figurine they believe is an actual creature, shrunken by a curse (it's just a detailed child's toy).
21A small piece of soapstone, carved into a likeness of the goblin/kobold who held it.
22The broken-off tip of a wand of lightning bolt. It still can shoot a puny spark and has a few charges.
23A human's sewing kit with some green thread and silver-plated needle and thimble. The thimble smells of rum.
24A black pebble that is surprisingly heavy for it's small size and seems to generate a constant warmth.
25A dwarvish children's book meant to teach their alphabet.
26A cracked hand mirror. On the non-reflective side there is, engraved in elvish, a poem celebrating a certain lady's beauty.
27A rosary with 77 wooden beads.
28A set of false teeth, made of ivory & wood. Probably a halfling's by the size of them.
29The still-animated, smoldering finger of a cinder ghoul, kept in a stone jar. The goblin/kobold kept it for use as a convenient firestarter.
30A beautiful blue crystal the size of a peach pit. It actually is cursed and significantly lowers it's holder's AC.
31A fist sized rock that has had a face crudely carved/painted onto it.
32A silver spoon that is surprisingly well kept despite the condition of other items.
33A tattered sheet of paper and a stick of charcoal, on the paper is various words (poorly) written in common followed by the same word in Draconic/Goblin.
34A wind up toy that has had the wind up mechanism removed, exploring the area will reveal that it has been used as a way to reset a trap.
35A deck of cards missing most of the set.
36A waterskin filled with sand.
37Shards of pottery, some fashioned into daggers.
38The handle of a nice weapon.
39Chain made of used nails.
40Larva in a jar used to clean teeth.
412 pieces of wood that fit together extremely well.
42A clay smoking pipe.
43A bird's skull with a sharpened beak, used as a cutting tool.
44A small drum made from a dried gourd.
45A cup made of silver. Well-made but heavily tarnished, the rim is covered in tooth-marks from the user's nervous chewing.
46A colorful geode half. The other half was given to the owner's best friend.
47A bronze spearhead with the Draconic word for 'revenge' carved crudely in.
48A miniature brass figurine of a horse.
49A small hexagonal wood token with a hole in the middle. A string has been placed through it and it now works like a necklace.
50A decorative and smooth glass arrowhead with rounded edges. It sparkles in moonlight.
51A pair of women’s underwear that they use as a really bad sling shot.
52A wooden sword they made and are extremely proud of, but it is poorly carved and only 8 inches long.
53A staff with a frog tied on the end they use to retrieve stuff.
54A box of matches, stubs of candles, and little wax sculptures they made.
55A sketch book filled with surprisingly realistic drawings of creatures.
56A bunch of socks they use for gloves.
57A scarf that has minor illusion magic and changes color according to their mood.
58A piece of mother’s face.
59A small coin (not of the realm's currency) carved into a sharp triangle.
60A badly etched, small piece of wood that seems to depict an older female of their species.
61Surprisingly nice monogrammed handkerchief.
62An invite to a birthday party on rough parchment and in crude handwriting.
63A bundle of brightly colored feathers.
64A 'lucky' rabbit's paw.
65A seashell (even if the coast is very far away).
66A heavily bejeweled waterbottle/flask. Upon inspection, the jewels are completely worthless.
67A plant, that seems to have sprung up in the dirt in their pocket.
68A hand-drawn map with no labels.
69A severed toe. It is quite shriveled, yet the nail is freshly painted.
70A pair of comically misshapen dice made of some sort of bone.
71Copper coins painted gold. The paint is flaking off.
72A lady’s brush, elegantly carved of ivory with boar bristle. The ivory is stained and cracked, and many of the bristles are missing.
73A small turtle shell intricately scrimshawed with Dwarvish runes. If translated, it’s a bawdy limerick.
74A dead mouse.
75A live mouse.
76An hourglass that has been broken and lost most of its sand.
77A tarnished and dented silver fork.
78A coin minted in an unknown country. Though it's old, it still manages to shine.
79A jagged, damaged obsidian sculpture of bat.
80A broken compass that is stuck pointing at the north indicator.
81A very tiny living ooze, grey, shiny, and harmless. Eats wood, fits in a bottle.
82A pair of stylish glasses, lenses removed.
83A jar of grave dirt, shaking it occasionally reveals a small animal skull inside.
84A very very tiny little tin kettle, polished and decorated with foreign calligraphy.
85A military medal unburied from a battlefield, dirt-stained but polished to a shine.
86A shard of broken stained glass, made into an amulet.
87The knobs off of a used scroll or a scroll case.
88A mason jar full of fireflies that never seem to die. Sheds dim light in a 15' radius.
89An odd brass cog that spins on its own every so often.
90A copper ring with runes, it's warm to the touch.
91A piece of amber with some kind of bug or insect preserved within.
92A broken teacup (chipped lip, and missing handle) with a hand painted design.
93An oddly shaped old key.
94A small metal flower which glows faintly in the dark.
95A small red vial labeled 'heeling potion'.
96A glass eye.
97An assortment of mushrooms kept in a leather pouch.
981d4 unhatched bird eggs.
99A bundle of rat jerky.
100A small wooden box of carefully preserved moth wings.

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