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One hundred illegal items that your players could find while perusing a fantasy black market.

1Weapons that were used to slay long dead Kings.
2Fake identification that can be used to access restricted areas.
3Hooded robes - After a string of demonic cults popped up in the capital city, the sale and possession of hooded robes was prohibited. Hoodless robes, capes, cloaks, and overcoats are all still permitted.
4A mysterious service that allows a memory to be plucked from your brain and never thought of again.
5Powerful drugs that are meant to be slipped into a drink. When consumed, the drinker will become unconscious within 1d4 minutes.
6An imp kept in a small iron cage. It pleads to be let out.
7Unidentified potions. These can have devastating OR hilarious effects!
8Maps containing the layouts of various city sewer systems.
9Scrolls that are said to contain forbidden knowledge. They are actually just scribbles by a child.
10Stolen siege weapons.
11A black letter, tightly sealed with red wax. The letter cannot normally be opened by any magical or non-magical means. However, if a person's name is written on the letter, then the letter is opened, some incriminating piece of information about that person will appear in the letter.
12Worg puppies being sold out of the back of a wooden cart.
13An orb of scrying that has direct two-way contact with an evil entity.
14The banner of a famous paladin who was killed in battle.
15The journal of a priest who became slowly possessed. The further the reader gets into the book, the more the main character starts to sound like them.
16The eye of a hag that still looks around on its own.
17The stolen instruments of celebrated bards throughout the realm.
18A full iron maiden torture device; perfect for any dungeon.
19Melon-sized eggs in a creche that has been magically suspended in statis. It is impossible to reveal their species.
20Weapons that seem very powerful that will break during the first round of combat.
21Body parts of humanoid creatures. Perfect for necromancers in training!
22Vials of Unholy Water - it deals 1d8 damage to holy creatures.
23Pieces of an ancient lich's phylactery.
24Fake deeds to parcels of land that already have people living on them.
25The bottled tears of an angel. This is a VERY expensive item.
26A small golden statue which actually just is sentient and can communicate through telepathy. Tells the person who picks it up that they must provide a human soul every 3 days or else the "cursed" person will die. However the statue has no real power, just see if your player will do it.
27Mercenary services from less than reputable adventurers.
28Cursed magic items that corrupt the user over a period of time.
29The crown of a long dead Dwarven lord.
30Identical copies of the armor worn by the guards of a nearby city.
31Experimental goblin technology.
32Assassination contracts. The players can pay a powerful assassin to snuff somebody out.
33Good luck trinkets that have absolutely no effect whatsoever.
34A crate of rods of counterfeiting. Each rod converts any paper to paper currency of equal weight of exactly one denomination. All the rods are expended to some degree. However player characters might have to make a history knowledge check if paper money is rare in the world and failing the check, the player character might decide the paper money is useless.
35Potions that allow the consumer to fall in love with the first person they see.
36Souls of the innocent kept within magical containers.
37Meat from intelligent monsters.
38A list of unmarked burial sites for powerful nobles.
39An djinn trapped in a bottle. It is absolutely furious.
40Poisonous plants that are banned from the realm.
41Banned spell reagents that are used to cast necromancy spells.
42A magical writ that grants one favor from a powerful underground syndicate.
43A glove that allows you to copy the handwriting of the last person you touched with it.
44Forged signet rings that are identical copies of the real thing.
45Still living eggs from dangerous monsters.
46Thin, fragile glass blades. Stab someone with one and then twist the hilt to shatter the blade in the wound. Useless against armor and only good for one hit. Contains a hollow center that can be filled with a poison.
47Illegal griffin leather that adds an additional +1 to AC if used to make a set of leather armor.
48The ashes of a powerful paladin.
49Crude, goblin-made weapons that sell for a fraction of regular steel weapons.
50A trained mimic that responds to a few verbal commands.
51Maps leading to the burial sites of nobility.
52A book containing a list of Devil truenames.
53Strong poisons that cause paralysis in the victims.
54A scroll case with 3 devil contracts ready to be signed stashed among regular spell scrolls.
55A mummified eye that allows the user to see through it once a day for 1d4 minutes.
56The blueprints to a nearby castle that shows how to access the secret underground tunnels.
57A mysterious herb that, when smoked, will cause you to step into the dream of a random nearby person and influence it however you wish.
58Drugs that are banned in the realm.
59Historical artifacts that were thought to be lost to time.
60Vials of vampire blood.
61The journal of a renowned serial killer.
62Stolen paintings that once hung on the walls of noble estates.
63A haul of exotic, but completely mundane, horns belonging to a species of ungulates prized by the crown/renowned by a faith and have been poached.
64Stolen sculptures that once adorned the halls of royalty.
65Wrist Prick - A tiny needle fixed to a spring loaded bracer. If coated in a potent poison, it can be an easy to conceal weapon.
66Magical lanterns that emit a light that cannot be seen unless you are within 5 feet of it. The wielder of the lantern can see the light as normal.
67Munchkin Golems - Tiny golems only about 6 inches tall. Used by thieves to unlock doors and windows.
68Beggar's Staff - Atop this gnarled wooden staff is a carving of an ugly old man whose face is twisted with mirth. Dangling from the top by a chain is a small clay cylinder with a coin-shaped slot on it. The face speaks to its wielder and says placing a gold coin into the cylinder unlocks his true potential. When a gold is placed into the slot, the staff tells a raunchy joke.
69Fake coins/Counterfeit money.
70Crystals containing captive souls to use in rituals.
71Holy' symbols that were used to worship demonic entities.
72Stolen jewels that once belonged to an incredibly wealthy and powerful royal family.
73Completely innocuous-seeming belts that, when worn, hides its contents, including any one weapon that amounts to 1 lbs.
74A lock of hair from a famous adventurer.
75The weapons and regalia of a fallen kingdom. Treated as a taboo collectible by some, others use them to privately display their loyalty to the old regime.
76Necromancy services, such as speaking to a corpse.
77Demonic effigies used to worship various evil entities.
78Experimental black powder bombs. No one knows EXACTLY how big the explosion would be, but they know it certainly won't be tiny.
79Necrotics - Necromantic narcotics. They slowly turn users undead.
80A living 1'x1' Gelatinous Cube.
81Potion of Truthfulness - Whisper a statement into the vial immediately before drinking and for the next week you earnestly believe the truth of that statement. Sense motive, spells that detect or force truthfulness, ect all register that you are telling the truth.
82Instruments of torture.
83A decapitated head that has a magic aura.
84Vials of pheromones that attract various dangerous monsters.
85The Relief Tent - This magical pop-up tent was meant to help those suffering after a natural disaster, but the enchantment went awry. The small canvas tent can be unfolded and used as normal, but anyone who spends a night sleeping in the tent will wake up to find that they have been teleported to the nearest location of real danger, either a warzone or a place of impending doom.
86Lists that contain the times that local watch groups take breaks or trade shifts.
87Statues are devoted to the gods of Chaos.
88An ancient tome containing the forbidden knowledge on how to fully become a lich.
89A set of noble clothing with secret pockets stitched into the inner lining.
90Invisible ink and quill that when used the text reveals itself heated by fire.
91Paintings of nobles in unflattering manners.
92Jousters Demise - A modified wooden lance made to have the blunted tip break away easily and allow a hidden blade inside to pierce the opponent. The sport can have some quite bloody ends if one of these makes it into a match.
93Barrels of alcohol that are banned in the realm.
94Copies of keys that unlock doors to castle treasuries.
95Skeleton keys that can fit any lock.
96Boxes of poisonous snakes from a faraway jungle.
97One bottle containing lozenges, labeled "For Your Health.": All the vitamins needed for healthy living. Taken daily with meals. Quietly removes one day from your life and gives it to an unknown entity.
98Slaves of all different races.
99A sacrificial dagger from a long dead cult, used to sacrifice hundreds of innocents.
100Vials of Pixie Dust - A light purple powdered drug. Consuming the drug gives one a carefree outlook and a sense of lightness, though it also slows their brain processes down, which makes the world feel faster around them.

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