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Factions play a crucial role in shaping the dynamics of a fantasy realm. Creating your own factions from scratch can be a daunting task, but this d100 list of one hundred motivations (fifty good, fifty evil) for factions can serve as a valuable resource to kickstart the creation process.

1-2To rid the world of any demonic presence.To enslave a particular race.
3-4To reclaim their ancestral home.To conquer a neighboring region.
5-6To root out cult activity in the region.To bring back a dead God that was slain thousands of years ago.
7-8To hunt down witches that reside in the region.To achieve the power of immortality.
9-10To protect the Emperor from all threats.To destroy the sun and usher in eternal night.
11-12To find and preserve holy relics across the region.To kill a particular Lawful God.
13-14To take back an ancient religious site from the hands of evil.To summon an ancient and powerful demon lord.
15-16To stop a currently ongoing apocalypse.To eliminate all magic users in the realm.
17-18To stop an evil prophecy from taking place in the world.To stockpile magic items in preparation for the apocalypse.
19-20To trade and barter with neighboring regions.To find 666 humanoid sacrifices for their dark God.
21-22To preserve ancient books and scrolls from across the region.To kill the Emperor and replace him with a lookalike.
23-24To spread the word of a particular Lawful god.To amass an army of mindless undead.
25-26To protect and preserve an entire forest.To gain the forbidden knowledge of the Old Gods.
27-28To spy on a particular evil faction and report their findings to the Emperor.To evolve into superior beings.
29-30To explore and map all of the unknown places in the region.To make contact with the Old Gods.
31-32To aid and protect those less fortunate.To steal as much money as possible.
33-34To slay dangerous monsters that terrorize the region.To create a disease that will plague the world.
35-36To collect and follow ancient treasure maps.To spy on and influence the decisions of the Emperor.
37-38To smite down heretics in the region.To form a powerful dark coven of witches.
39-40To gain political influence in order to control trade routes in the region.To assassinate powerful individuals for the right price.
41-42To keep magic users from dabbling in the Dark Arts.To smuggle dangerous drugs into the region.
43-44To collect, transcribe, and research spell tomes and ancient magic items.To control the seas by force.
45-46To root out slave lords and stop slavery in the region.To bring a powerful Vampire lord back from the dead.
47-48To establish trade routes to the farthest reaches of the region.To open a portal to the Nine Hells.
49-50To travel to an unknown part of the region.To steal from the wealthy.
51-52To vanquish and smite the mindless undead.To steal corpses from graveyards in order to harvest their organs.
53-54To rebuild a destroyed holy city.To worship a great and powerful dragon.
55-56To build a new druidic circle.To usurp the throne and bring a new ruler into power.
57-58To reclaim a holy relic that was stolen.To teach the lost art of necromancy to those worthy of learning it.
59-60To stop the spread of a terrifying new plague.To collect blood for an Old God.
61-62To enact revenge against corrupt leaders.To build a colossal tomb for a dying evil god.
63-64To rebuilt a holy cathedral.To conquer the entire region by force.
65-66To bring about a new age of prosperity.To run a successful underground gambling ring.
67-68To develop the cure to a terrible disease.To bring back a powerful elemental creature.
69-70To gather information regarding a lost historical event.To prepare the world for the coming of an Arch-Devil.
71-72To study the stars and the meaning behind them.To create a powerful and deadly disease.
73-74To help their race regain their magical heritage.To buy and sell illegal items on a black market.
75-76To research the secrets of the universe.To dominate the supernatural world and control the undead.
77-78To aid lesser beings into governing themselves.To steal a priceless artifact from the King's treasury.
79-80To defend another civilization from being wiped out by an evil presence.To keep other factions warring and at each other's throats.
81-82To act as a private army for a Church of Good.To combine this world and a twisted shadow realm together.
83-84To rid their people of an ancestral curse.To collect the bones of an evil dragon that were spread all across the realm.
85-86To save an endangered species from going extinct.To completely wipe out another civilization.
87-88To hunt down dragons that terrorize the region.To subject the people of the realm to the dark gifts of their chaotic God.
89-90To uphold the traditions and legacies of their ancestors.To strike fear into the hearts of everyone in the realm.
91-92To secure valuable resources in the name of the Empire.To complete a centuries-long ritual to bring about a long dead Lich.
93-94To collect valuable artwork, sculptures, and literature from a civilization long gone.To build a structure big enough to impress their God.
95-96To start a new civilization from scratch.To bring about the apocalypse.
97-98To aid and help refugees in a time of war.To kill everyone who practices a particular Lawful religion.
99-00To defend civilizations who aren't strong enough to keep the forces of evil at bay.To serve and worship an evil Dark Lord, preparing to enter the material realm.

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