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This list contains one hundred different scenarios that your players see going on around them as they are walking through the streets of an established settlement. Even mundane encounters such as these give your players a sense that things are going on around them, making your world feel more alive. Most of these can be used as quest hook, too.

1A large group of children are watching a puppet show. The puppet show is acting out the player’s last adventure perfectly.
2An up-and-coming artist asks to paint a portrait of the party.
3A group of barbarians from the far north are arguing with a local merchant.
4A wooden wagon has lost a wheel, causing barrels of fruit to roll into the street.
5A diseased vagabond asks the players for coins.
6A group of laborers begin unloading a cargo wagon nearby.
7A fortune teller sits in a tent, waiting for her next customer.
8A group of guards are taking a break and playing cards.
9A mysterious figure in a black cloak is trailing the players.
10A nearby bakery sets fresh pies on the windowsill.
11A beautiful noble woman is admiring the settlement, with a group of armed guards close by.
12A panicked mother is screaming for her child.
13A frail looking stray cat begins following the players.
14An angry store owner is fixing a broken shop window.
15Several acrobats occupy a part of the street and display great skill in their movements and contortions.
16A red-faced sage is mumbling on the ground, looking for a lost amulet.
17A pompous-looking wizard drops his spellbook in the middle of a busy street corner.
18A mysterious woman from a far-away land is watching the crowds with a keen eye.
19A large wild animal walks calmly down the street. People run away and shout.
20A pickpocket attempts to steal an item of value from a random player.
21An older gentleman is telling at his young apprentice for making a mistake.
22A group of miners are protesting outside a noble’s estate over poor work conditions.
23Three old men sitting in rocking chairs shoot glares at the players.
24A street performer is playing a lute, hopeful to make some coin.
25A group of guards are trying to apprehend a thief, who is scaling a nearby building.
26A strange, cloaked figure asks where the local library is.
27A group of guards are clustered around the entrance to an alleyway. They look concerned and serious.
28A group of friendly drunken halflings ask the players to join in their celebration.
29A beloved explorer is delivering a crate of ancient relics to a local museum.
30An attractive maiden begins flirting with a player. Her muscular husband takes notice.
31A shopping list of rare herbs falls into the hands of a random player.
32A group of thugs try to trick the players into coming down a nearby alley.
33A mercenary with a large wooden club asks the players for work.
34A local madman spouts gibberish about a prophecy. Everyone ignores him.
35A messanger of the Settlement Ruler accidently drops his backpack in front of the party.
36An abused servant asks the party to help them get revenge.
37A merchant asks the players to guard his shop for the night from thieves in exchange for some coin.
38A group of sleepy looking dwarves walk through the streets, carrying a large telescope.
39A local tinkerer is showing off the metal construct he built in his basement.
40A noble invites the players to a house party.
41A street fight breaks out around the party as rival gangs begin to battle.
42A robed mystic carries a large bundle of strong-smelling incense.
43A shady merchant attempts to sell the players illegal drugs.
44A crowd gathers around the corpse of an evil wizard hanging from a gallows.
45A rabid dog jumps from a nearby alleyway, attempting to bite a random player.
46A fire breaks out inside a nearby building. A bucket brigade forms as people try to put it out.
47A town crier announces the opening of a new tavern.
48A man happily carries a fishing rod as he strolls past the players.
49A champion gladiator walks through the streets as people cheer.
50A hunchbacked man plays a violin beautifully on a street corner.
51A mysterious obelisk appears in the town center overnight.
52A half-eaten body is discovered outside of town.
53An elf walks the streets with a look of disgust on her face.
54A merchant approaches the players and tries to buy a trinket they possess.
55A funeral procession walks mournfully through the town.
56A strange woman asks to interpret the player’s dreams for them.
57A group of children play dice on a street corner.
58Members of a local guild are looking for new recruits.
59A blacksmith hammers a freshly forged blade nearby.
60Mysterious chanting can be heard coming from an abandoned house at night.
61A diseased begger begs the players for a cure for their sickness.
62A farmer and his two sons ride past the party with a cart full of fresh vegetables.
63A gnome is performing magic tricks on a street corner for tips with their ogre assistant.
64A caged animal has escaped capture and is running through the streets.
65A tavern brawl spills out onto the street, in front of the players.
66A local ruffian is writing crude graffiti on the side of a building.
67An old woman is tending her garden outside of her home.
68A small child asks the players for help finding her pet frog.
69The wind kicks up and a strong gust blows a trader’s tent over. Their merchandice spills into the street.
70A cunning thief ‘accidently’ bumps into a random player, taking their coin purse.
71A random player finds what looks to be a wedding ring sticking out of the dirt in front of them.
72An injured man is being escourted to a local doctor by his brother.
73A group of guards block off the beginning of a street, and they won’t let anyone pass.
74A noble mistakenly ‘recognizes’ a random player from a dance a few nights ago.
75A group of teenagers are preparing to launch fireworks.
76A local apothocary questions the players about their herb knowledge.
77An old wizard walks down the street with two clockwork servants.
78A nearby shop is having a 50% off sale and the line to get in wraps around the building.
79Two dwarves are arguing in Dwarvish in the middle of the street.
80A few stray dogs are fighting over something in a nearby alleyway.
81A baker chases rats out of her shop with a rolling pin. She asks the players for help.
82A diseased man is seen coughing on random people in the street.
83A priest asks the players if he can bless them before their next adventure.
84A high-class carriage rolls by the players and a beautiful elven woman inside waves to them.
85A group of fisherman are yelling about something strange that was caught this morning.
86A guard is pinning a Wanted poster to a city message board.
87A large man dressed in silks carries two pies in each hand.
88A busker in the street plays one song on his lute repeatedly.
89A woman is chasing a large cheese wheel rolling away from her down that street.
90A toothless old man offers the players an unlabled potion for free.
91A frazzled traveler is studying a large map.
92A large flock of birds swoops past the party onto a building nearby.
93A man is arguing with a tax-collector and two armed guards.
94A group of halfllings have set up a market stall selling massive vegetables.
95The players overhear two men talking about what they know of the Feywild.
96A group of nomads are traveling through town, looking for a place to sleep for the night.
97A wizard is frantically looking everywhere for his missing wand.
98An ogre is spotted outside the settlement stealing a horse.
99A talkative bard asks the players for inspiration for a new song. The song becomes a smash hit.
100The ruler of the settlement travels through the street with a group of armed guards.

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