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One hundred different strange, interesting, and dangerous items found within the mysterious tower of a wizard.

1A portal that flickers in and out of existence on the back wall; the wizard never could get it to stick on this plane properly...
2A closet filled with robes that change color and style depending on your mood.
3A stack of pre-addressed pieces of parchment that, once signed by the wizard, fold themselves up into paper airplanes and then fly off to deliver themselves.
4A table covered in strange alchemical ingredients, including glowing mushrooms and shimmering crystals.
5A small stone carving of a toad that croaks when rain is coming soon.
6A tobacco pouch which never runs out of tobacco, and an accompanying pipe which makes its smoke glow with soft colors.
7An alchemy table that has a complex set of ingredients set out and brewing. If the party inquires about it, it's the wizard's lunch.
8A collection of feathers, framed and mounted on a wall.
9A jar of fireflies is hung over a book stand illuminating the pages.
10A book levitating inside of a birdcage. There is a padlock on the cage.
11A strange puzzle box with many bizarre tiles that can be slid around.
12A very interesting looking potion with a faded label. The wizard can't remember what it does, but... they are too nervous to move it in case it's become unstable.
13An animated shortsword and a rapier are clashing into each other, mid air, as if two opponents were battling.
14A chess set that moves on its own.
15A stack of parchment that erases itself if given the command word.
16A massive dragon skull hanging from the ceiling.
17A suit of armor in one corner that, on a second look, is actually an armored flesh golem silently standing vigil.
18A garden filled with plants that grow edible gems instead of fruits or flowers.
19Jars filled with brackish liquids and fluorescent gels. Some contain creature body parts as shrunken heads, talons of feral beasts, fleshy organs in emulsions of reddish tint.
20A parrot with a vocabulary consisting of nothing but the true-names of the Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Greater Devils of the Hells.
21Two silver-and-brass stag beetles, encased in a glass case, which constantly battle each other.
22A glass that fills itself with wine when touched.
23A collection of flower pots with various alchemical plants growing in them.
24A locked chest that occasionally shakes violently, emitting muffled shouts and screams.
25A flustered apprentice that is trying to keep everything in order.
26A quill that sucks fresh ink off a page instead of writing.
27An airtight bottle containing the preserved corpse of a fairy.
28A chair that teleports any person that sits in it to a pocket dimension.
29A candle that, when snuffed, replays the last conversation to take place near it while it was lit.
30A scroll suspended in mid-air that shows the current market value of various material spell components and alchemical ingredients.
31A collection of enchanted familiars, such as a miniature dragon that breathes harmless bubbles or a squirrel that can speak multiple languages.
32Spectacles that translate every written language into Dwarvish.
33A glass cabinet that contains constantly shifting stones clinking together and against the glass. It may be used in some form of augury or meditation.
34A workbench filled with bookbinding equipment.
35A lazy, old cat sleeping amongst a pile of books.
36An open trapdoor in the floor, and a corresponding trapdoor hanging from a rectangular opening in the ceiling. Anything exiting the room through the floor re-enters from the ceiling.
37A ficus plant that constantly tries to debate you.
38A pair of dowsing rods for detecting ley lines.
39A heavy tome with arcane symbols, and writing in a language none of the party have ever seen.
40A deactivated and partially disassembled silver clockwork horror.
41A long and very sticky strip of cloth, wound up into a roll. It's black on one side, white on the other, and is strong enough to attach an object weighing a hundred pounds to any wall or ceiling.
42A goblin skull kept in a lead lined box. If the box is opened it will berate anyone it sees with crude jokes and insults.
43A small, undead, mummified child hanging from the ceiling candelabra intensely watching all visitors.
44A pile of letters from the wizard's mother asking him when he's going to settle down and stop with the magic nonsense.
45A garden of sentient plants that communicate through telepathy.
46A small pebble which, when held in the mouth, makes the wearer speak in a variety of different voices and accents. The voice and accent is random every time the pebble is used.
47A globe that spins by itself. Spin speed corresponds to the day length of the world it's depicting.
48A miniature Gelatinous Cube that cleans up debris on the floor.
49A quill which writes a new alchemic recipe every day, often repeating itself.
50Glasses that translate everything read through them into an obscure, ancient language.
51An enchanted bar tap that supplies endless servings of whatever alcohol its user desires.
52A miniature model of a city that comes to life at night, with tiny enchanted citizens going about their business.
53A jar containing bioluminescent sand from another dimension.
54A stack of papers being drawn on with a floating pen. It keeps drawing whatever is just outside the front door, like a security camera in ink.
55A lamp which changes color, depending on the wizard's mood.
56A conch shell that plays a sea shanty when you put it next to your ear.
57A bookshelf which makes the book you want float down to you.
58A dozen animated gloves doing various cleaning and sorting tasks.
59A collection of magical artifacts from long-lost civilizations, each with unknown and potentially dangerous powers.
60A stack of papers with the title 'Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica', when you ask what it is the wizard yells 'Gibberish! Quackery! The ravings of a lunatic!'
61An enormous eye in an enormous jar. It very slowly turns and follows the visitors.
62The wizard's diploma from a royal magic academy.
63A tapestry whose scene changes slightly every time you look away.
64A small barrel filled with used wands, all labeled with the original spell and the date of creation.
65The skull of something that shouldn't exist.
66A hidden observatory that allows the user to witness celestial events from any point in history.
67A laboratory with vials containing potions that induce temporary and unusual transformations, such as growing an extra limb or turning into a tiny woodland creature.
68Failed grafts of skin, appendages, eyes, and other monstrous parts.
69Bizarre chemicals and items used in necromantic rituals.
70A mountain of opened books in the center of the room.
71A candle that, when lit, radiates dark instead of light.
72A big mechanical contraption with a keyhole and a slot big enough to fit a letter into.
73An assortment of monster hairs, labeled and bound in tufts.
74What looks like a broom that's bent out of shape lying on a cushion. When you comment on it, the wizard yells at it to stop 'lazing about and get back to work'. It springs to life, salutes, and begins cleaning until the wizard's attention is elsewhere. It then resumes lounging.
75A bonsai tree in a decorative pot that goes through each of the seasons every day, complete with snow in the winter. If you look close you think you can even see tiny bees buzzing around the spring flowers.
76A hat that has a magical barrier above it just large enough to shield the wearer from rain or snow.
77A gorgeous stained glass window that shows a scene from a different plane. Each time the party passes it, the scene has changed slightly.
78Dust on the wall plays a memory of the wizard's like a film projector.
79A room filled with mirrors that reflect different versions of the same person from alternate dimensions.
80A dream catcher which actually catches dreams in their liquid form and allows the wizard to store them as potions in crystal bottles.
81A series of ancient humanoid skulls inscribed with magical symbols of a fallen empire. Pressing the glyph on the forehead makes the skull speak in the language of that empire, which used these instead of books, as they had no formal written language.
82An orrery depicting this planet's solar system. A small set of levers and gears can adjust their rotations and orbits.
83A terrarium containing a shining beetle. Every time it crawls to the left side of the tank it turns red, and every time it crawls to the right side it turns green.
84An enchanted painting that shows a different landscape every time you look at it.
85A writing desk where an animated quill is busily copying a manuscript on its own.
86A deck of cards that knows what card you need and gives it to you.
87Wind chimes which ring when an invisible creature approaches within 60 feet.
88A beholder corpse in the process of being dissected.
89A coin on the floor that won't budge when someone tries to pick it up.
90A talking, floating skull that serves as an advisor and knows a multitude of obscure facts.
91A terrarium in which a village of tiny people is going about their business.
92A block of ice that never melts being used as a paperweight.
93Prestidigitation paintbrush that can paint any color without needing to be dipped in paint.
94A closet full of beard wigs. The wizard hastily shuts the door when they realize it was left open.
95A room with a ceiling covered in constellations that rearrange themselves every night.
96A magical telescope that allows the user to see into other planes of existence.
97A large magical cage that radiates blue, almost transparent, light which also reeks of Abjuration magic.
98A book resting on a table that occasionally opens up to let out a polite burp.
99A petrified dragon's claw used as a door handle.
100A weathervane which indicates the direction of the nearest powerful wizard (who is outside the tower).

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