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Tomb raiders and treasure hunters like to leave their marks wherever they go. Sometimes they want to warn others of the dangers ahead, sometimes they want to gloat, and sometimes they want to trick the players. Use this table to generate some graffiti on the walls of your tombs, crypts, and ruins.

1“Orin fell here.”
2“Do not take the left path.”
3“Dwarves suck” written 8 feet up a wall.
4“Who built this place?”
5An arrow pointing to the right.
6“Let it be known that I, Luip Salazom, screwed every barmaid in Traveler's Rest.”
7“Kobold Pride”
8“Don’t sleep!”
9“Do not take the right path.”
10A crude drawing of an angry orc face.
11In tiny lettering: “If you can read this, it’s already too late.”
12“Jessedo R.I.P.”
13“Sorry about your wall!” placed near a hole in the wall.
14“She’s lying to you.”
1558 tally marks scratched with incredible neatness.
16“Here Lies Big Benson - Didn’t Bring His Ten Foot Pole And Paid The Price”
17“Look behind you. Now!”
18A drawing of a treasure chest.
19A drawing of an arrow pointing upwards.
20“Don’t lose your head” in blood.
21“The Fangs of Gawic killed eight ghouls here!”
22“Watch the pit trap!”
23“On this day, Brumr Goldbeard killed ninety-three kobolds.”
24“Death comes on silent wings.”
25“Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”
26A depiction of a monstrous face.
27“Welcome to hell.”
29“You don’t matter. Give up.”
30“Here rests two good men -- Nissus and Camom. Respect their souls.”
31“Only the penitent man shall pass ...”
32“Beware of trappers!”
33“There’s a safe room in the center. Left food and supplies.”
34“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”
35“Right, door, straight, right.”
36“No hope for those who proceed forward.”
38“You’re lucky someone already read these Explosive Runes.”
39“The Council of the Crimson Wyvern looted this place.”
40“Mind the gap!”
42“Wash your boots, don’t leave any footprints behind.”
43“This corner secured by the Mighty Woodchucks.”
44“I am the last of us. Do not think ill of me but I cannot go on alone. Do not choose the black door if you wish to see sunlight again. Good luck.”
45“Grall Stonebringer was here.”
46“Tika isn’t dead. She’s with us.”
47“Stick to the center halls. They’re safer.”
48“Beware the rats!”
49A picture of a gelatinous cube eating a person.
50“Archmage Drachnar and his meat shields were here.”
51Drawings of butts, each one from a different race.
52“They decide who lives and who dies.”
53“Please step on me” carved onto the surface of random rocks.
54“The answer to the riddle is --”
55“I’ve forgotten my name.”
56A cartoonish picture of a dwarf running away from a rust monster.
57“Don’t ask about the price.”
58“You cannot kill it with magic.”
59“Your mother is a succubus!”
60“100 gold to anyone who finds my sword.”
61“Trouble reading this? Try Lothar’s Lights for all your torch and lantern needs.”
62“Here lies Gilbert, who said: The mushrooms clearly aren’t poisonous, that rat just ate some and it was fine. Look, I’ll show you.”
63“Green, Green, Red, Gray.”
65“This was all already written. You are being controlled. They know what you’re doing. We’re all just pawns in their little game.”
66“The Great Necromage Vilicous and his coterie of foolishly moral companions were here.”
67Bloody scrawled writing say ‘The secret chamber has been opened.’
68“The skeletons are not dead.”
69“You have to burn the rope!”
70“None are so blind that they cannot see the darkness of this place.”
71A scribbled map of the dungeon, with a big X in one room and directions to a treasure.
72“Tread not on the bones of mad men.”
73“Joreth - I’ve gone back for her. Meet me at the Frog and Jester in Pennyworth Lane.”
74“Death is the only exit!”
76A large X on the ground.
77“You cannot get out!”
78“Droop woz heer.”
79A drawing of a sword on fire.
81“The entrance sealed behind us. We are trapped.”
82“Here lies Tom who claimed there was no way that door could be a mimic.”
83Written in very tiny letters: ‘If you can read this, you can’t see the goblin sneaking up behind you.’
84“Don’t eat the mushrooms.”
85“Treat the dungeon with courtesy, and it will do the same.”
86“r rouge died so I cant right this in yur theves speak”
87“Corpses don’t like visitors!”
88“I’d rather be at the Broken Spear.”
90“We are the real monsters.”
91“Secret door here!”
92“Artival. Waited 3 days for you. Ran out of supplies. Moving on to the next level.”
93“I’ll make your skeleton exit your meat.”
94“There is a secret door somewhere on this passageway- I hope you have better luck finding it.”
95“Let me in. I’m scared.”
97“Do not open.” written on a door.
98“If you find my body, tell Matin I loved him.”
99A basic map of the crypt.
100“Bend the pin to reset the trap.”


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